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Radical Dreamers

Meet the Artists 


Andrew Jacob


Andrew Jacob, a New England based artist, is renowned for his vibrant, rhythmic colored, acrylic, and bold lined pieces. You may already be familiar with his work from the Welfleet skate park and the Nickerson garage mural in Eastham. His art draws inspiration from his hobbies and the world around him, transforming them into potent dreamscapes. Expect to see elements of surfing, the ocean, nature, comic books, and graffiti in his pieces

Ryan Garcia 


Ryan Garcia, a dedicated artist and lifelong friend of Andrew. will also be exhibiting his art during the opening. Growing up together on the North Shore they created many selt-commissioned murals throughout the years, showcasing their talent and artistic bond. Eventually they both moved to Wellfleet to be closer to the waves and follow their passion for surfing.

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