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Meet The Artist

There, There, There 

"There There There" is the sister exhibition to Miami's "Your Had to be There". The first show to  explore tropical ties between Brian Butler, Joshua Hall and Diana Paz. This exhibition examined  regional relationships, and unique qualities that led each artist to live in the Bermuda Triangle.  For the Rugosa Gallery, the artists reunite to expand upon that body of work, and test the  

universality of those themes. 



Brian Butler relocated to Miami from Massachusetts 13 years ago. The move was timed perfectly to the  smash-hit single "I'm in Miami Bitch". A phrase that adorned every South Beach gift shop, and ear-wormed its  way into the national psyche. This phenomenon along with a history of exploring Cape Cod gift shops and mini  golf courses conditioned the artist to frame life through a lens of leisure. Live where other's vacation. Build the  place others wish to be. Butler embraces the visual language of the souvenir. Just like the pennants of the past, his flags exist as proof.  By retrofitting fragments of regional identity, his work carries the same power of verification, but with a curated  emphasis on the rough edges, the qualities that make it weird. By paying tribute to these enduring monuments,  roadside traditions and homegrown lore, he spreads his message of leisure. Highlighting pieces that individually hold a complex variety of purpose, but together represent the strength of forging new paths, and resisting the  eroding tides of optimization and homogeneity.  

Screen Shot 2023-08-27 at 1.45.09 PM.png
Hall_hopeful kiwi_acrylic on wood panel_12x12x.5in_$500.jpg



Joshua Hall, also known as Baghead, (Miami, FL 1988) is a contemporary Latin-American artist headquartered in  Miami, Florida. His work derives from 90s skateboarding, street typography, and early animation. He is known  for his wooden sculptures as well as being a muralist.  

The icons across his latest body of work serve as vessels of growth and adaptation. The butterfly for instance,  has always represented metamorphosis, but in this fossil-like state, has it solidified? or is it just grown difficult  to change? These characters have matured alongside Joshua's own artistic identity. Deep personal introspection  visualized through the filter of highly stylized graphics. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-27 at 1.45.33 PM.png



Diana Paz (Maracaibo, Venezuela 1989) is a Latin-American artist based in Miami. Diana, who also goes under  the moniker DE89, is a minimalist painter who mainly focuses on color and composition to create  non-representational images.  

This collection of geometric arrangements began as a sentimental reflection on personal identity. The additions  crafted for the Rugosa Gallery shift focus toward the future. Just as Diana has acclimated over and over to  various homes all over the world. These works act as messengers that unlock dialog with new places she has  not yet set foot. References range from her diasporic recollections of Venezuela, inspired by road maps, which  signify migration, to self proclaimed love letters dedicated to her last remaining family member in Venezuela. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-27 at 1.45.19 PM.png
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